4 Reasons Dental Implants Might Work For You

Princeton Implants takes pride in giving dignity and grace back to those who have lost teeth. Our state of the art dental implants are sure to please those looking for a more permanent and comfortable alternative to traditional dentures.

They are sturdy and permanent

Dental Implants are secured directly to your Jawbone, just like a real tooth. This results in a natural feeling bite and secure teeth movement with zero added daily hassle cleaning or replacing dentures. Dental Implants are the epitome of easy to use, and give you back a full and natural bite that you can take pride in.

They have a remarkable success rate

Dental Implant procedures have a 95% success rate, according to studies from the National Center for Biotechnology Information. This exceptional success rate is the primary reason dental implants are the fastest growing long term dental reconstruction procedure in the United States.

They help you retain dignity and look great

No matter how young or old you are, dental implants will carry on the legacy of your real teeth in subtle mimicry. Our prosthodontists will work with you to develop a natural extension to your existing smile, and ensure that the teeth feel as natural as possible. Most importantly, dental implants are individual per tooth, and thus can fill any specific number of missing teeth you have while blending naturally into your existing teeth. You’ll impress at social functions, meetings, and weddings for the rest of your life with ease!

They have a single, short period of recovery

For many, the worst part about surgery is being bedridden afterward. Not only will Dental Implants not tie you to your home or bed, but they can also heal in 3-6 weeks. This incredibly fast recovery period combined with the lifetime effectiveness of dental implants puts them over the top for many customers.

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