Are you looking for a solution to replace one or more missing teeth but are wary of the false information you’ve heard about dental implants? A New Jersey dentist can help you decide on the ideal tooth or teeth replacement options for you. Here are 5 misconceptions you might hear about:

Dental Implants Are Purely Aesthetic
Dental implants go much deeper than that. They are a replication of the entire tooth’s structure including the root below your gum line. The replica offers your teeth the advantages of your smile restoration, bone loss prevention, and facial and mouth structure.

Implants Are Not Successful
The dental implant procedure is very successful today. The success rate for dental implants is between 95% and 98% thanks to the use of biocompatible materials and modern dental advanced technology.

Dental Implants Aren’t As Durable As Natural Teeth
Dental implants are nearly completely identical to natural teeth in terms of usefulness, strength, and appearance when they’re osseointegrated, the process by which dental implants are connected to the jawbone.

Implants Require Too Much Care.
Maintaining your dental implants is similar to caring for natural teeth after the restoration process is complete. If you take good daily dental care, practice good oral hygiene, and replace prosthetic components when needed, your dental implants can endure years, if not decades.

Dental Implants Are Too Expensive.
While the upfront cost of dental implants is greater than that of other tooth replacement choices, they do have several advantages. Dental implants prevent your jawbone from weakening, resulting in lower future medical expenses. You’ll never have to pay for unnecessarily expensive dental appointments again!

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