It’s no surprise that people are living longer. However, as people get older, they are prone to a variety of pathological issues and impairments. As a result, greater attention is required to preserve one’s teeth. Here are some of the dental complications that come with the aging process.

Osteoporosis and Dental Implants
Skeletal changes, such as osteoporosis, are characterized by a loss of bone mass and an increased risk of fractures. This increased fragility and decreased bone mass can make it more difficult for dentures to fit comfortably and prevent someone from being a dental implant candidate.

Dry Mouth Impact on Dental Care
Elderly patients may experience a slower saliva flow, which can result in a dry mouth, which affects dental care in a variety of ways. This can include altered or lost taste, swallowing difficulties, tooth decay, yeast infections, gum disease, foul breath, and burning sensations in the mouth.

Immune System Impacts on Dental Care
Many cognitive changes, including memory loss and confusion, occur in the elderly. Depression is also prevalent as we get older due to a variety of external circumstances ranging from social isolation to the death of loved ones. Furthermore, as we age, our immune system becomes weaker and more vulnerable to viral and bacterial illnesses. Soft tissues are frailer and heal slower, and the incidences of oral cancers increase with age.

Even as an aging adult, there are still plenty of options available to you in order to keep your teeth in good shape. Talk to the experts at Princeton Prosthodontics and Dental Implants today and find out where you can start.