One of the main reasons individuals with missing teeth choose dental implants is for cosmetic purposes. As superficial as it sounds, missing teeth can cause emotional stress and insecurity. Missing teeth can also affect work and social life, causing causing insecurities to develop. Oftentimes, individuals seek dental implants to help restore confidence.

Oral Health

A lost tooth can compromise your dental structure and cause remaining teeth to tilt or shift from use. This is especially true if the missing tooth was one that was used for chewing. If not replaced, a missing tooth can also cause significant damage to your gums and jaw and increases the risk of developing facial deformities, gum disease, malocclusion and even tooth decay.


Missing teeth can cause moderate to extreme discomfort when performing basic functions like eating, drinking and even talking. A missing tooth can prevent you from enjoying your favorite foods as the sensation of solid foods coming into contact with exposed roots can cause excruciating pain. Missing teeth also affects your ability to enjoy beverages as hot or cold drinks can cause pain and discomfort.

Single tooth dental implants allow patients who are missing single or multiple teeth to enjoy their favorite foods again and smile with confidence. To learn more about this procedure and whether dental implants are right for you, contact Princeton Prosthodontics and Dental Implants