Are you one of the many Americans experiencing dental problems and discomfort? Even one missing tooth in your mouth can lead to further problems with your teeth, gums and mouth. There are plenty of signs you may need dental implants that you may be unaware of. Read on to learning more:

Pain when eating hot or cold foods
With dental implants, you’ll have reduced sensitivity in your teeth and gums especially when eating hot or cold foods. It can also help to alleviate some pressure from the other teeth, which may be compensating from a missing tooth.

Irritation from dentures
If you have old or ill-fitting dentures, you may experience discomfort or sores. Dental implants provide a more stable and permanent solution and give relief by never moving and never rubbing against the gum line.

An infected tooth

Not only is there a lot of pain involved, an infected tooth sometimes needs to be extracted if infection has spread. Getting a dental implant can help alleviate any pain, more damage, and other issues.

Dental implants can also provide a lot of comfort and confidence when it comes to how your smile feels and looks. Implants look like real teeth and function with incredible stability. Talk to the experts at Princeton Prosthodontics and Dental Implants today and find out what options are available for you.