Same Day Smiles

Teeth in a Day

“Teeth in a Day,” also known as “Same Day Smiles,” is a process in which patients who have no or few remaining natural teeth, can receive a complete set of new teeth in one day.  This process used to take from nine months to a year.  The patient enters the office without teeth and walks out with teeth. Teeth that look, feel and function as well as or better than their original teeth. 

Imagine after struggling for years with loose, poorly fitting, and painful dentures and in one day being able to enjoy biting into an apple or eating corn on the cob.  Imagine being out to dinner with your family or friends and having the confidence to know that you can eat again, without worrying about your teeth dropping or coming loose.  Same Day Smiles, or Teeth in a Day, uses dental implants to give you back the ability to enjoy the pleasure of eating again.

Using the latest in digital and dental technology, we design your teeth virtually and fabricate them in advance so they can be attached to your implants immediately after the implants are placed in your mouth.

The usual, traditional methods of implant dentistry can often take up to nine months to a year before the teeth can be anchored to the implants.  Patients usually had to go without any teeth for one to three weeks, which can be embarrassing and disfiguring.  Then the patient had to use removable temporary dentures that can be painful and uncomfortable after the surgery.

Same Day Smiles, or Teeth in a Day, has many wonderful advantages over the usual approach.

  1. The patient immediately has solid, stable teeth.
  2. There is much less discomfort, pain and inconvenience.
  3. The treatment duration can be up to six months less.
  4. Facial appearance is greatly improved from day one.
  5. The success rates of the implants are significantly better.

Our practice was one of the first in the nation to offer this outstanding service.  Our dedication to continually updating our technology, training, knowledge and clinical skills, allows our patients to benefit from the latest that dental science has to offer.

Cosmetic Dentistry

The procedures of Same Day Smiles are:

First Visit:  Consultation

  1. Exam, Medical History and Diagnosis
  2. 3-D Xray Scan.  This is similar to a CT scan that is designed just for dental purposes.
  3. 3-Dimensional mouth scan.  A 3-D camera is used to make 3-dimensional images the teeth and oral structures.

The dentist then uses sophisticated software programs to merge the 3-D xrays with the 3-D mouth scans and formulates the different treatment options.

Second Visit:  Treatment Proposal and Case Presentation.

The dentist will explain the various treatment proposals and the advantages and disadvantages of each option to the patient.  After a thorough conversation, the doctor will tailor a treatment plan to meet the specific needs of that individual patient.   The details of the procedures and the costs will be then explained to the patient.

Pre-operative instructions will be given to the patient.

Any needed medications will be prescribed.

Third visit:

The dental implants will be placed and immediate temporary teeth will be connected to the implants.  After allowing about a week and a half for the gums to heal, the patient will be able to return to an almost normal diet.

After a few months the implants will tested to make sure they are securely anchored and the permanent teeth will be fabricated.